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What Is The Easiest Tropical Plant To Grow Here On The South Coast?

Iresines are known by several names; blood leaf, beetroot plant or chicken gizzard plants to name a few. They were originally found throughout the south-eastern states of the USA, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands and large parts of the South American...

Fiddle Leaf Figs in the Shoalhaven, Kiama, Shellharbour and Illawarra Regions

  The Fiddle Leaf Fig It is almost impossible nowadays to browse through a catalogue, magazine or even watch a television commercial without spotting a Fiddle Leaf Fig or (Ficus Lyrata). These Tropical plants from the equatorial regions of Africa make a...

Tradewinds South Coast Interview The Urban Fruit Farmer In Sydney NSW Australia

Have you ever wanted to grow rare tropical fruit but think the Sydney climate is too cold? Think again. Tradewinds South Coast will show you how to push the limits on what can be grown in NSW.   Tradewinds South Coast recently caught up with Joel from Urban Fruit...

How do I change the colour of my hydrangea?

Hydrangeas are an excellent choice for any south coast garden and can fit with most garden styles or garden themes. Whether you prefer a cottage garden, a tropical style or a woodland garden the hydrangea is the plant for you. Their versatility isn’t limited to just...

What are the most popular indoor plants in Australia?

  #1 Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant The mighty Monstera mesmerizes plant collectors with its large per­forated leaves and aerial root sys­tem, immediately conjuring images of dense Central American jungle. Literally translated “monstrous deli­cious plant”,...

Bring a World of plants to the Shoalhaven and Illawarra

Australians love to travel, and we love to garden.  Statistics show that 10.5 million Australians travelled overseas in 2017 and this number looks set to grow 6.2 percent each year. We spend 37 billion dollars each year on international travel and new Australian...

How can I choose plants that grow well in the Shoalhaven?

Latitude, altitude, seasonal variations, temperature, humidity, winds, pests, diseases…  Where do we start? There are so many variables that come into play when choosing the right plants for your home or garden here on the south coast of NSW. So How do we know where...

How to protect your family from VOC’s volatile organic compounds through indoor plants

Danger! - VOC's are volatile organic compounds. What are Volatile Organic Compounds? VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds are a group of chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature. They are most commonly found at high volume in your home and car. Common VOCs...

Tradewinds South Coast Interview with Daleys Fruit Trees

Daleys has become a household name amongst permaculture enthusiasts and those simply tinkering with fruit trees in their backyard. How did you build such a solid reputation and brand awareness? Our reputation is built upon 40 years of growing and supplying an...

Have you considered the August winds when selecting plants in the Shoalhaven?

So, you were stirred to plant some beautiful tropical inspired plants with bold foliage and delicate leaves during the growing season….. But did you contemplate Shoalhaven’s wildest month of August?  I hate the winds that tear through the garden in August! The summer...

Tradewinds South Coast is an accredited Plant Life Balance Nursery. All Tradewinds Plants are carefully selected and pass our stringent quality control measures before they reach our customers.

We are happy to be a part of the nation wide plant life balance project which unites the best and brightest of Australia’s Universities and leading industry research.

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