2 Doors Dubbo Garden Makeover

New Garden Theme

New Orleans Style

NOLA in Dubbo

New Orleans gardens pay homage to 1800s architecture and provide a place to hide out of the heat of the day. These gardens rely heavily on the texture of the surrounding brick, stucco, sandstone and terracotta. The gardens are best left slightly overgrown as if the garden is reclaiming the man-made structures. Gardens can include perfumed flowers, untamed vines, and tropical inspired plants like palms, ferns and foliage plants. It is advisable to include some form of water feature and the best choice for a New Orleans inspired garden would be a cast iron 2 or 3 tier water fountain. The sounds of water in the garden and scents in the breeze will keep people wanting to come back for the relaxed atmosphere in the garden. It is no surprize that a quality garden adds value to any property. Some property valuers and real estate experts argue that a quality garden can contribute to an extra 20% of a property’s value.

Two Doors arches in wooden fence Dubbo
Existing photo 2 Doors Dubbo
What we are working with 2 doors Dubbo
walkway in November 2020 Dubbo 2 Doors
North Eastern view 2 Doors Dubbo
South Western view 2 Doors Dubbo
Proposed Fountain 2 Doors
Existing walkway 2 Doors Dubbo


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