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The Tradewinds South Coast company launched in 2018 on the shores of beautiful Hyams Beach in New South Wales Australia. “The whitest sand in the world”. We offer indoor plants, rare fruit trees and gardening gifts. 

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.

So throw off the bowlines.

Sail away from the safe harbour.

Catch the tradewinds in your sails.

– Explore. Dream. Discover.”


What we do here at Tradewinds South Coast …

Tradewinds South Coast search far and wide to offer the finest exotic trees and rare indoor house plants for our customers around Australia. We mail plants throughout New South Wales – NSW, Queensland – QLD, Victoria – VIC, Canberra – ACT and South Australia – SA.

Local Knowledge

We are 100% Australian- founded on the shores of Hyams Beach Australia – The whitest sand in the world. Tradewinds South Coast aims to showcase this beautiful part of the world and push the boundaries of what can be grown this far from the tropics.

Imagine the possibilities

Our hope is that you don’t settle for a boring garden or mundane interior in your home. Join us on the journey to weed out uninspiring gardens and plant something memorable with Tradewinds.


Cameron Theobald

(Director of Tradewinds South Coast)
(B.A. Community, Culture and Environment, Grad DipEd Secondary, GradCertDiv.)

Cameron was born and raised in the historic town of Berry, NSW, affectionately known as ‘the town of trees’ in the Shoalhaven. He and his wife Haley are passionate about searching out the finest collection of rare, weird and wonderful trees and indoor plants. It is their pleasure to share them with customers who refuse to settle for the same old boring plants and desire to push the limits of their collection.

Cameron studied at the University of Wollongong, completing both a Bachelor of Arts in Community, Culture and Environment and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, English and Society and Culture. Cameron continued further educational interests in the field of Divinity through Morling College Australia completing a Graduate Certificate.

Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay Australia was the perfect place to launch the Tradewinds South Coast brand. The unassuming Shoalhaven location of Hyams Beach has a population of only 112 people and arguably less places to park a car these days. Yet, it holds world record status as the ‘beach with the whitest sand in the world’.

This is so typically Australian!

Cameron Theobald – Director of Tradewinds South Coast has a passion to expand the sorts of plants you can buy over the internet here in Australia.

“When I began getting interested in plants, the ones I always dreamed about seemed out of reach. My family would go on yearly trips to Bali ever since I was a kid. I loved eating these rich, exotic tasting fruit trees like mangosteens and rambutans and never thought I could get my hands on these sorts of fruit trees here in Australia. I also loved the stunning garden displays of heliconias and palm trees we took for granted as a child. I guess we just soaked these gardens up or learnt garden design by osmosis wandering around these beautiful resorts.”

“I started Tradewinds South Coast to make your plant dreams a reality”.

“If you follow sound advice and provide a suitable environment in your home or garden, I think you would be surprised what kinds of plants will grow thousands of kilometres from their home”.

“I have trees like the Panama Berry – Muntingia Calubura found native to Jamaica flourishing on the South Coast of NSW. This tropical tree might lose some leaves over the winter but when summer arrives there’s more fruit than you can imagine.”

Five Star Rating !

Good prices and easy to deal with.


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