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fancy plant by tradewinds plants

Fancy Plants in Australia

Tradewinds plants dig a wide variety of plants.

We have our favorites like the monstera, fiddle leaf fig, devils ivy, all forms of philodendron, crotons, palm trees, dracaena, spathiphyllum, sansevieria, pothos and so much more.

But what exactly is a fancy plant? and how do you fancy up your old house plants?


How to make your house plant a fancy plant.

The term fancy plant is on the rise here in Australia, and the first I heard of it was through a company selling plant based snacks. See (FANCY PLANTS). Yum but not really what we are after here.


To make your house plant a fancy plant we suggest you follow a simple three step system.

  1.  select the right plant for the right spot
  2. decorate with a fancy pot
  3. give your indoor plant a prominent position

By selecting the right spot for your indoor plant you optimise its growing conditions giving adequate light, space, air circulation and of course visual appeal.

There is no shortage of fancy pots to go with your fancy plant. We look for colour coordination and ensure that we choose the right pot size. You don’t want to kill your plant by what the experts call “drowning a plant”.

drowning a plant


Put that fancy plant front and center and consider the surrounding plants as well as the household contents. You want to draw the eye to your fancy plant, so it really stands out.

Some plants can be fancy plants all by themselves. Consider the Thai Variegated Monstera for example.

Thai variegated Monstera at Tradewinds Plants Australia

Why are plants so popular in 2020 and 2021?

Tradewinds plants have seen an incredible rise in plant sales and enquiries during 2020 and 2021. We believe this is partly due to cerveza sickness or the recent pandemic. As people spent more time at home indoors they wanted to brighten up their living quarters. Indoor plants have seen a resurgence in popularity proving that what was once old is new again in the world of gardening.


Easy tips for a fancy plant in you outdoor garden.

If you want more than just a fancy plant than you should consider a fancy garden. We enjoy creating edible landscapes with rare tropical fruit trees featuring exotic species of plants. Australia also has a range of bush tucker plants which are sought after all over the world. Consider the macadamia or finger lime. It does not get more fancy than an edible food forest full of fancy plants.

Hope you enjoyed our fancy plant article and I hope you check out our YouTube channel where you can see some more fancy plants.