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So, you were stirred to plant some beautiful tropical inspired plants with bold foliage and delicate leaves during the growing season….. But did you contemplate Shoalhaven’s wildest month of August? 

I hate the winds that tear through the garden in August!

The summer months have pleasant gentle breezes rustling through the Bamboo, Banana leaves and Palms trees. Light winds bring those pleasing scents of the Frangipani flowers and Magnolias. I enjoy the peace of these warmer months and the spectacular flowers, colour and life in the garden.

This year I have formulated a plan to protect my hard work in the garden from devastating winds. 


This hardy grass will shelter my vulnerable plants with delicate foliage in the coming windy months.

Speak to a friendly Tradewinds South Coast staff member who can offer a great deal on sought after plants suited to our unique South Coast environment.

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