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Latitude, altitude, seasonal variations, temperature, humidity, winds, pests, diseases… 

Where do we start?

There are so many variables that come into play when choosing the right plants for your home or garden here on the south coast of NSW. So How do we know where to begin? Trial and error can be expensive and unless you can get money to grow on trees it is worth knowing a few basics. 


Climate is a great starting point for plant selection. It gives us insight into the best growing conditions of the plants we love and whether we can easily provide these conditions. When plants are happy, they don’t suffer from as many diseases. They also have a higher resistance to pests. If we can match our climate with that of the plants place of origin, we can increase the chances of a healthy, long lived investment to our home or garden. 

Köppen climate classification

The Shoalhaven Region falls into a category known as the humid subtropical climate zone. This is based on the Köppen climate classification. Our beautiful area is one of the most secluded southerly examples of such climate in Australia. We share similarities with other coastal areas around the world between the latitudes 25° and 40° either side of the equator close to a mountain range. Here in Australia, we can easily grow plants found along the Eastern Seaboard as far north as Rockhampton in North Queensland. 


The Shoalhaven Region is arguably one of the most scenic and attractive locations on Earth. It boasts the worlds whitest sand at Hyams beach in Jervis Bay, has pockets of isolated Rainforest and has the Great Dividing Mountain Range passing close to the coast. Those of us who live at higher altitudes can easily grow plants that require a cooler environment and frosts. We have enough rainfall to grow most plants. We can easily manipulate our environment to push the boundaries of plant selections to suit our desires. 

At Tradewinds South Coast we aim to source and service plants that will thrive in our beautiful location here on the South Coast of NSW. All our plants are proven to excel in this environment before we pass them on to our loyal customers. We desire to assist our customers create the ideal indoor or outdoor location for their plant selection through detailed knowledge and experience.

Happy Gardening.

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