Achimenes – (Hot Water Plant / African Violet)

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Achimenes – (Hot Water Plant / African Violet)

Tradewinds Plants Online Nursery – Achimenes – (Hot Water Plant / African Violet)


The Achimenes or hot water plant are related to African violets. The flowers of the hot water plant resemble the Petunia and the leaves are shiny and slightly hairy. They can be found growing wild throughout much of Central America. The name hot water plant comes from the word “cold suffering”, and when these plans experience a cold snap in winter, they become dormant unless they can be given warm water, hence the name hot water plant. The Achimenes is truly an amazing plant.


To look after your hot water plant, you need to provide plenty of light in the springtime, but a more sheltered condition during the heat of summer. It is essential to protect from frost over winter and if they are grown in a pot or hanging basket it is really easy to move to a more controlled environment.


There are so many varieties of hot water plant colours to choose from. Colours include, white, pink, purple, blue, red, orange and even spotted yellow.


These plants look wonderful as a mass planting throughout your garden or a great if you want to show them off in a hanging basket.

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