Aechmea Bromeliad – (Silver Vase / Urn Plant / Amazon Zebra)

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Aechmea Bromeliad – (Silver Vase / Urn Plant / Amazon Zebra)

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Aechmeas come in a bewildering range of varieties. They are very fancy decorated bromeliads related to the pineapples. These bromeliads are native to tropical central America and come in the most amazing array of colours 


The Aechmea lives on air, they are often called “air plants”. Aechmeas gather their food by collecting water and decaying plant matter in their cup shaped leaves. They are a very low maintenance plant. Aechmeas only need to be fertilised once a year with a very diluted solution of calcium carbonate.


The Aechmea bromeliads produce flowers every six weeks in the growing season when there is plenty of warm weather. Make sure that you keep your bromeliad in a frost free location the winter.


They can be grown on almost any hard structure, on the ground, in a pot, tied to a tree, or a piece of timber. Get creative with your bromeliads.


Like all bromeliads these plants flower, then produce pups, with the mother plant slowly decaying feeding the surrounding pups. You can separate these pups to form a multitude of bromeliads for your indoor or outdoor garden.

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