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Iresines are known by several names; blood leaf, beetroot plant or chicken gizzard plants to name a few. They were originally found throughout the south-eastern states of the USA, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands and large parts of the South American Continent.

These bright coloured plants add an instant tropical effect and grow at a rapid pace. But don’t let that scare you as they are easily pruned or can simply be snapped back by hand. Iresines don’t like frost or strong winds but thrive in most areas of the South Coast of NSW. They are tough, attractive little plants with eye catching leaves that grow in full sun, half-shade or shade. If you really want them to shine give them a good amount of strong light and watch them perform.

Iresines are usually planted on mass as a border plant or bedding plant and come in a range of colours and leaf shapes. They have uneventful flowers which should be tip pruned to keep energy in the plants.

Varieties include, ‘Brilliantissima’ (crimson leaves with pink veins) ‘Aureo-reticulata’ (green-red leaves with yellow veins) and ‘Wallisii’ (purple-black leaves).

Why not liven up your garden and add a splash of tropical colour here in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra. Get in contact with Tradewinds South Coast today to brighten up your garden.

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